EFR Instructor

The EFR Instructor Course takes place in just a day and a half, during which Instructors are taught to organize, conduct and advertise First Aid Courses of the EFR organization. Certification as EFR Instructors is a requirement to be a PADI Instructor.

The Course highlights the practices and demonstrations that build the candidate’s self-confidence.
The Divemaster and Asisstant Instructor PADI, Dive Instructors of other organizations (FEDAS, SSI, ACUC) and those qualified medical professionals can also take the EFR instructor course and thus be able to take their courses independently.



  • Course: 200 € (does not include payments to PADI or pedagogical material)
  • Payments to PADI: PADI is paid directly by credit card)
  • Teaching material (Instructor Kit)
1 day and a half
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