Snorkel Course

The Skin Diving is snorkeling while doing freediving dives to observe aquatic life up close and personal. It is a great way to explore the underwater world when you cannot dive with autonomous equipment or if autonomous diving is not exactly what you think. The PADI Skin Diver course teaches you how to enjoy observing life below the surface and comfortably venture underwater for brief visits, whether in a local freshwater lake or in the great blue ocean, at home or on vacation at a destination diving ..

To enroll in a PADI Skin Diver course you must be at least 8 years old. You need to adjust to swimming skills and be comfortable in the water. No previous experience required.

The PADI Skin Diver course teaches you about:

  • How to choose, adjust and use freediving equipment.
  • Basic safety guidelines for moving around in the water.
  • Snorkeling and freediving techniques include buoyancy checking, surface swimming, emptying the water tube, and effortless surface dives.
  • Go for an optional freediving dive at the local dive site.
2 days
Snorkel Pack

Snorkel Pack

Theoretical explanation
Snorkeling equipment
2 dive trips
Kit Snorkel

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