Adapted Diving

At Ametlla Diving we are in love with diving in every way. The more people we bring to the underwater world, the happier we are. Being able to be under the sea and see the wonders of our Ocean is something that makes us value life and our planet.

Scuba diving is an activity that can be adapted to anyone and be practiced without problems. People with physical or sensory disabilities can also enjoy this experience quietly and that teaches us that in reality our limits are only in the mind.

As one of the most beautiful activities that can be done, adapted diving will make you enjoy a freedom under water totally different from everything you ever experienced.

Adapted Diving Definition

To begin, we will talk about the definition of Adapted Diving.

Adapted diving is a set of underwater activities, that is done in apnea or with autonomous scuba equipment for people who have some type of physical or sensory disability and need adaptations of equipment, movements or logistics. That will allow the diver to have the same experience safely than people without disabilities. That's why we call it adaptive diving.

Ametlla Diving and Sign Language

If you have a hearing disability, Ametlla Diving is your place. We are one of the few dive centers in Spain that has a professionaly trained team able to speak the sign language and teach you the wonders of the seabed.

How learning to dive will benefit you?

  • It is an activity that helps you control your breathing and anxiety,
  • you will feel an unequaled sensation of freedom and weightlessness.
  • Like other underwater rehabilitation activities, diving allows you to move your whole body, working various muscle groups.
  • The isolation of sounds helps to create a feeling of relaxation that we seek in our day to day, and will make you feel "at peace"
  • It's also a team-sport, you will feel integrated immediately since one of our most important rules is never to dive alone and always take care of our partners.

So, what are you waiting for to enjoy our wonderful ocean that exists so that everyone can admire the beauties of marine life?

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the experiences we offer, from diving baptisms to advanced degrees.