Ultra-simplified second stage monocoque in ABS + elastomer | Only 6 cm in diameter and 145 gr | Mechanism and construction with a minimum number of components and great robustness | Asymmetric front cover perforation to reduce the tendency of continuous flow in case of drafts or with the regulator out of the mouth | Integral bleed button | Cover assembly system by means of a 30º bayonet turn | Large removable lid lock without tools | New 100 cm ultra-flexible yellow hose.

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New ultra-simplified 2nd stage monocoque in ABS + elastomer, very small (6 cm in diameter), very light (145 g) with a mechanism and construction studied to obtain the minimum number of components and great robustness. It is a smart purchase option due to its combination of performance-reliability-price-maintenance cost, ideal for uses that require maximum reliability and also as a travel regulator given its lightness in conjunction with the 1st stage MC5, for diving centers or as a regulator. working with the AC2 and as a high-end set with the MC9.

The specific calibration of the inhalation mechanism slightly changes the personality in the delivery of air compared to the Ellipse series, to reward, above the exquisite touch and sensitivity of these models, an abundant flow without the need to exploit the Venturi effect. This characteristic gives it a low tendency to continuous flow on the surface or during the placement of the equipment in the water, ideal for schools and rentals, octopus and double regulator. The performance results, however, place it above regulators considered higher-end.

Asymmetric front cover perforation. The flow of water begins to push the membrane in a counterclockwise direction so that its retraction occurs perfectly flat and the cam progressively descends and in perfect perpendicularity, regardless of the conditions (current, sudden movements, any position of the face, etc.) .

Particularly reduced exhalation effort without the need to reduce the thickness of the membrane. The design of the membrane retention system directs the flow 100% channeled towards the nozzles of the whisker, benefiting from a powerful Venturi effect that also helps direct the bubbles away from the diver’s field of vision. Embedded membrane to prevent water leaks in case of sharp turns or when jumping from the boat into the water.

Virtually integral purge pushbutton, greater between 80 and 400% compared to any other regulator on the market to facilitate the purge maneuver, especially in inexperienced divers.

Cover assembly system by means of a 30º bayonet turn, ensures a very simple and safe assembly-disassembly, even to carry out sand cleaning tasks on the beach and without the need for tools.

Wide cover lock, removable without the need for tools, differentiated insertion-extraction movement in two phases to avoid accidental release in case of impacts.

New 100 cm ultra-flexible yellow hose.


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