Flashlight FROGMAN 24000


Reinforced nylon body and AISI316 stainless steel head | Led Cree 6000º Kelvin | Luminous flux of origin 300 lumens | 27000 LUX effective luminous flux at 1 m | Ultra-reflective parabola with concentrated beam 6º | Autonomy 3 hours continuously and 12 hours discontinuously | Rotary magnetic switch | AA batteries included | Semi-elastic strap for fixation to the wrist with locking strap | Length 160 mm | Weight 220 g.

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This highly successful model has earned a great reputation for its excellent size-performance-reliability ratio. Its technology allows it to maintain its performance in an amazing way during its long autonomy. Its size and type of beam make it very versatile for diving (even as a main light source at night), spearfishing or nautical use in general. The combination of reinforced nylon with the stainless steel head sets it apart aesthetically and in terms of manufacturing quality radically from other similar products.

Technical characteristics:

Led Cree 6000º Kelvin. The color temperature has been calibrated to stay in a neutral white tone avoiding the tendency of most of the LED flashlights to tend towards cold bluish ranges that distort the real color of the seabed and scare the fish.
Reinforced nylon body and AISI316 stainless steel head.
Ultra-reflective parabola with a concentrated beam (6º) with Advanced Focus System (Led Lenser patent) that optimally exploits the luminous flux emitted by the LED.
Luminous flux of origin 300 lumens.
Luminous Flux Effective in Lux (at 1 m): 26000 Lux.
Alternative double power 27000-3000 LUX at each turn of the switch *, very useful to save battery in case of prolonged use.
Luminous flux drop in 1 hour continuously: 30%
Autonomy (depending on the amperage of the battery) between 1.5 and 2 hours in continuous between 10 and 12 hours in discontinuous.
Rotary magnetic switch with magnets isolated from the marine environment by electrowelding of the two plastic parts.
4 high-quality AA batteries made specifically for this flashlight (supplied as standard and also available as a spare). They improve the luminous flux by 20% and reduce the voltage drop in prolonged use compared to the best batteries on the market.
Semi-elastic strap for fixation to the wrist with lock and union by means of safety strap calibrated to 20 kg of breaking tension.

Length: 160mm

Weight: 220g

Available colors: Black-black and White-steel

(*) If the switch remains more than 5 seconds in the central position or turned off, the new ignition is carried out again at full power.


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