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What is the IDC program? This program is conducted in a total of 12 days (10 courses + 2 exams) is designed to take the two courses necessary to become a PAD Instructor). This is the day to day of the IDC: FIRST WEEK 7 days IDC SECOND WEEK 4 days IDC 1 day EFRI …

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Assistant Instructor

Why Ametlladiving D.C. and Miguel Ángel Medina?   Miguel Ángel, PADI Master Instructor #979913 has been involved in the world of diving since 1989. He has worked as an instructor in several centers before setting up his own (AmetllaDiving) in 2008. He is an FEDAS (2 **) and DAN Instructor ... although for many years …

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  Academic subjects   Dive theory (physics, physiology, material, environment and RDP) The role of the Divemaster Programs directed by the Divemaster The diving business Internship students Risk management     Practical part   Pool techniques: Evaluation circuit General diving practices in the pool Swimming and flotation 5 sessions in the pool helping our instructors …

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