Assistant Instructor

The Assistant Instructor (AI) Courses are specifically designed for PADI Divemasters or for those who have an equivalent qualification (DiveCon SSI, FEDAS Group Guide, etc.) and want to continue advancing within the PADI system. They develop the most important issues in the training of an Instructor, that is:

Theoretical instruction: how to teach theory
Teaching standards: Instruction in confined waters
Knowledge of all the exercises
What specialty courses can they give and how to give them all with a structured system and high practical application
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Why Ametlladiving D.C. and Miguel Ángel Medina?


Miguel Ángel, PADI Master Instructor #979913 has been involved in the world of diving since 1989. He has worked as an instructor in several centers before setting up his own (AmetllaDiving) in 2008. He is an FEDAS (2 **) and DAN Instructor … although for many years he has only worked within the PADI teaching system, where he develops Instructor Courses not only in recreational diving (PADI) but also in First Aid (EFR and DEA) and technical diving (Gas Blender).

In these years he has created more than 500 divers of all levels, being currently one of the most successful instructors of the Costa Dorada.

This experience is at your service so that you achieve the best of success: not only that you pass your exams but that you prepare yourself thoroughly in the diving career, where only the best ones succeed.


What documentation do I need?


To follow the Instructor Training Course it is necessary to provide a Medical Certificate, less than 1 year old in which it is expressly stated “suitable for diving”, 3 passport photos, photocopy of all diving certifications and photocopy of the dive book (log book, last pages). It is also necessary to have followed a First Aid Course (PADI, Red Cross, etc.) in the last 2 years (photocopy of the degree or diploma must be provided).


What educational material do I need?


The compulsory materials for the Assistan Instructor / Instructor course are:

  • Updated Instructor Manual (if you are a renewed DM, you can download the latest version in PADI Pro, and print or upload it to your computer)
  • Pack IDC Candidate (60113S) includes: Teaching Guide (“Guide to teaching”), OW, RES and DM exams, Specialist Instructor Manual (CD Rom), submersible splints (from the OW, ADV, RES and DM courses), PADI backpack.
  • Pocket mask
  • eRDP
  • EFR Instructor Kit (in the case of taking the EFRI course)
  • OW, ADV, RES and DM student manuals
  • Encyclopedia and “Diving Knowledge Workbook”


What is the exact cost?


The total cost of the PADI Instructor Course is calculated based on 4 parameters:

  • Course cost/os
  • PADI payments
  • Necessary teaching material
  • Accommodation


Course costs:

The price of the Assistant Instructor Course (AI) is 400 €


Payment to PADI:

PADI application: To pay well by transfer, or by credit card directly to PADI.


Necessary teaching material

At the end of this information you have the list of mandatory materials.


It is absolutely necessary that candidates have their own pocket mask and electronic table (eRDP), if you do not have these items, see the attached price list.



It is not included during the course/os

We can help you make the appropriate reservations, whether in hotel or apartment (usually, candidates share a bungalow, dividing the costs of this one among all)