Coves of L’Ametlla de Mar

L'Ametlla de Mar is a fishing village on the southern Catalan coast, just 40 km north of the Ebro Delta. Throughout the entire town we can find numerous coves , the most beautiful and outstanding are:

Cala Calafató

Beautiful cove of fine sand flanked by steep rocks and local vegetation, very suitable for diving from the beach and lovely for sunbathing and taking a good dip.

Cala de Sant Jordi d’Alfama

Cala de Sant Jordi d’Alfama is a 100 meter long beach located at the foot of Sant Jordi d’Alfamar, a castle from the mid-12th century. The beach has a blue flag and fine sand, it has toilets and showers, parking for cars and a beach bar on the same beach, it also has red cross surveillance, perfect for taking a bath in the clear and warm waters of this area. . Suitable to enter diving.

Cala Vidre

Cala Vidre is a beautiful typical Mediterranean cove where the cliffs loaded with vegetation contrast with the beautiful blue color of its waters. Its name honors the color of the waters that bathe it (Cala Vidre in Catalan means glass cove) and in this beautiful cove of just 20 meters, the waters are especially crystal clear. Its sand is extra fine and its entrance to the sea is very soft. Perfect for a first underwater experience .

Cala Forn

Cala Forn is barely 100 meters wide, and is surrounded by vegetation, it is truly spectacular, so it is common to see several boats moored in its calm waters to enjoy this beautiful landscape. This is considered by many to be the best Cala de L’Ametlla de Mar, its crystal clear waters, its fantastic beach bar, its fine sand and a wild environment, make this an idyllic place where you can spend fantastic days of sun and beach. It is an area with immense biodiversity which makes it perfect for baptisms and snorkeling .

Alguer beach

It is the urban beach par excellence of l'Ametlla de Mar. Being surrounded by buildings, it does not have the natural charm of other wilder beaches in the area, but it makes up for it with its relaxed atmosphere and crystal clear waters that are the envy of many coastal towns. Walking through a mystery of narrow white streets, a few meters from the port, we find this crescent-shaped beach flanked by two breakwaters that break the waves, clear water and fine sand. The favorite of the inhabitants.

Cala Llobeta

It is located in the urbanization of Calafat. Right in front of the mouth of the port of Calafat. The beach is a real wonder, it is hidden between small rocky cliffs. An idyllic setting surrounded by lush forest where its crystalline waters stand out with the intense green of the pines that practically reach the sea. Small in size, it is no more than 50 meters long and 30 meters wide, on one side we will find a restaurant with a swimming pool. There is no lifeguard, no toilets or showers.

Port de l'Estany beach

Port de l'Estany beach is a pebble stone beach, very quiet, familiar and pleasant with just 200m. long and 30m. wide that is characterized by being located right at the entrance to the natural harbor of Estany . Much more than a beach…. Beach Port de l’Estany has the attraction of being located at the mouth of the natural harbor of Estany, next to the two lighthouses that protect it. In addition, if we get here, we can visit the neighboring wild beach of Port Olivet and discover part of the recent history of l'Ametlla de Mar in the fortifications of the Civil War. Perfect for doing shallow dives as it has beautiful caves.


Cala Santes Creus

Beautiful wild pebble beach that protects a high-value lagoon. Beach about 180m. long by 25m. wide. Highly recommended for nature lovers as it is a protected area.